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About Me

I'm Bonfire, a 3D model artist and content creator! I'm a Minecraft veteran, I've been playing since 2012 and bringing custom experiences to the game since 2014. In 2020 I started using Blockbench to create even more unique experiences with custom 3D models! Over on my Twitter you can find an assortment of my projects, from Minecraft Skins to Blockbench tools! These projects are typically uploaded to my KoFi shop, where you can download them for free.


Constellation in a Bottle
Once upon a time, the constellations danced in the night sky. They were called Celestials. One particular Celestial, called the Furnace, set out to bring warmth and inspiration throughout the plane. She shared her magic with all Elvenkind, giving them fiery red hair and filling their minds with new ideas and possibilities. However, not every idea she inspired would be as warm and kind as she had imagined. The royal family had a deep hatred for the Furnace, and the gifts she had given Elvenkind. Their ego could not accept how other houses turned their backs on tradition, so their hatred for the Furnace festered and grew. From this environment an heir to the throne, a boy who would change everything, was born. The boy, named Esen, grew into a man filled with hate and fear, and when it was his time to rule, he enacted a plan entrusted to him by his late father. That was the last day an Elven child was born with fiery red hair.
To be continued...


Abstract Bon Minecraft Skin